About Yah Sheng Chong

Yah Sheng Chong is a national company, of Chinese origin, with high technology, and is one of the main suppliers of mint in the market. With almost 60 years of history and tradition, we are specialized in the industrialization and production of Essential Oils, especially those of Mint, in addition to Natural Crystallized Menthol.

Our company is one of the most respected in the market. Supplier of mint to various market segments, making YSC competitive in every way, being present in most of the oral care, food, cosmetics, tabacco and household cleaning industries in the country, with our oils and natural crystallized menthol, manufactured in Portugal .

We are a company internationally recognized by Organs competent bodies in the certification of the quality of our products. We stand out in the segment, for the fast and innovative solutions in the exact measure, meeting the needs of our customers.


To be the best company that processes essential oils and menthol, with excellence in quality, always striving for maximum perfection and to be recognized by its customers for the effectiveness of their services.


Satisfy our customers' needs and desires with excellence even in their specific projects as well.

Our story

Yah Sheng Chong (YSC) is a conglomerate of companies that started in Shanghai, China, in 1911, with the first company of patriarch SD Liu.

Initially in the paper and cellulose business, the YSC group overcame major obstacles around the world, from the Japanese occupation, to the change of the Chinese government and the arrival of communism.

With the emigration of SD Liu's children to other countries such as Australia, the United States and Brazil, YSC expanded its activities and diversified its areas of activity.

In Brazil, under the command of YC Liu, the company specialized in the field of Mint Oils, their derivatives and other essential oils.

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Transparency with our suppliers, always exceeding customer expectations, maintaining absolute customer confidentiality. Effectiveness, Ethics and Valuing the Human Being.

Our Founder - Mr. YC Liu

Rua Guarani, 1020 - Vila Conceição - Diadema - SP - CEP: 09991-060 - Fone: (11) 4053-3173

Yah Sheng Chong Group

We are a family owned and operated business.

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